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Spotlight Artist Of The Week: Katie MAC

Meet Katie MAC, a girl from Kansas, who is getting ready to take Nashville by storm with her new single, “Nice Guys”. 

OTVN: Tell us a little about yourself. Why did you want to pursue a career as an artist?

Katie: Well, I’m originally from a suburban town in Kansas and I went to small Catholic schools, so I don’t have a particularly musical background, other than fronting a pop-punk band and high school choir. I started playing guitar when I was a sophomore and songwriting came super naturally. It just sort of clicked and I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I made the move to Nashville in 2014, and I’ve been making music here ever since!

OTVN: Describe your musical style.

Katie: I would call my style, Female Power Pop. I want my listeners to have fun when they listen to my music, but I also have a lot to say! Some of my songs are upbeat and empowering like, “Nice Guys”, but some are super delicate and vulnerable. 

OTVN: Where do you get your inspiration for your music?

Katie: Literally everywhere. “Nice Guys” came from personal experience, but I’m constantly writing down ideas from things I hear in conversation, in movies/TV, or read in books. 

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OTVN: Who are your musical influences and why?

Katie: My earliest memories of music are tied to older groups like The Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac, and the Dixie Chicks, but I grew up listening to Top 40 pop, so it’s super broad! The sound I’m going for now is definitely influenced by other pop artists like Taylor Swift, Astrid S., and Mo.

OTVN: What can we expect to hear from your single, “Nice Guys”?

Katie: I think people can expect to bop along to “Nice Guys”, and I also hope that people can relate to it. I think anyone who has fallen for someone and then discovered that person was totally not who they thought can relate to parts of “Nice Guys”. 

OTVN: What has been your favorite part of the music creating process?

Katie: Definitely taking an idea and then seeing it evolve into a fully produced song. There is so much work that goes into it, and it’s amazing to see how the right team of producers, writers, and musicians can take something simple and create something that people all over the world can relate to. 

OTVN: Who is your dream musical collaboration?

Katie: Ryan Tedder. Hands DOWN. 

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OTVN: What are 5 things you can not live without?

Katie: 1) Coffee, 2) Headphones, 3) My amazing family and friends, 4) Time alone, 5) Time spent creating

OTVN: What has been the best advice that you have received when it comes to working in the music industry?

Katie: I used to be extremely self-conscious going into co-writes, shows, meetings, etc. One time, I was having a talk with a professor and explained to her how I felt like I didn’t belong because I was never the best guitar player or piano player in the room. She sort of laughed and said, “Katie, be comfortable being good at things you’re good at and be comfortable not being the best at the things you’re not the best at”. Basically, she taught me the value of collaboration and that advice she gave me transformed the way I interact with my team. 

OTVN: Is there anything other projects that you would like us to keep our eyes and ears out for?

Katie: There will DEFINITELY be more music coming out very soon, but for now, I hope people continue to jam out to “Nice Guys”!

Below we have linked Katie MAC’s social media(s) and website if you would like to learn more! 



Brett Eldredge Album Review: Brett Eldredge (Self-Titled)

Brett Eldredge released his third studio album, Brett Eldredge, on Friday, August 4th, and his fans were definitely not disappointed. You can tell just by listening to the first few songs that this is Brett’s best album to date. This album is so well thought out and has so many amazing messages in the lyrics of each song. It is also already #1 on the iTunes album chart in multiple countries.

Since this is our first album review, we want to explain how we are going to do our reviews. We are going to give a brief summary of each song. We will then give our honest review of the album as a whole at the end. 

Track One: “Love Someone”

The opening song on his self-titled album. It is a feel good, upbeat song that makes you want to get up and dance. The chorus pulls you in and makes you want to sing it at the top of your lungs. We think that it was a perfect song to start off the album.

Track Two: “Superhero”

Brett Eldredge is ready to come in to save the day with this song. It sort of has a rock n’ roll feel to it, and we are loving it! Everybody needs their own superhero, right? Luckily, we have Brett!

Track Three: “The Long Way”

This is one of the more slower songs on the album, but still a song that you will be belting out in the car every time it comes on. The best way to describe it is a “I want to get to know you” song. In this one in-particular though, you can definitely feel the emotion that Brett is trying to express and it is honestly giving us all the feels.

Track Four: “The Reason”

A song with a slower tempo, but still makes you want to sway along with the beat of the music. We feel that this song perfectly explains to someone why you can’t get them off your mind. It’s a feeling that we think everyone goes through at one time or another and it is so accurate and relatable, which makes this such an awesome song.

Track Five: “Something I’m Good At”

The current single off of this album. It’s a very upbeat and catchy song that makes you want to get up and dance on a table too. Also, a song that you can blast in your car and just enjoy life. I mean we all eventually find something we are good at, right?

Track Six: “Haven’t Met You”

Again, another very relatable song. It’s a song that makes you think and floods your mind with emotions. “Haven’t Met You” talks about that mind process you go through when you feel like you know someone that you have never met in your life. I think it could also be interpreted as a “love at first sight” song.

Track Seven: “No Stopping You”

“No Stopping You” perfectly explains how when you love someone so much, but know that you are holding them back, so you know you have to let them go. They are/will always be on your mind, but you know that they have places that they need to go and will support them no matter where they end up going in life. It’s a steady, upbeat song that has a beautifully written message in it.

Track Eight: “Brother”

We could listen to this song on repeat for days. We get a look into Brett’s relationship with his brother, Brice, and the memories they have together. This is song is so relatable to anybody who has a sibling, because you will have problems and set backs in your relationship with one another, but in the end, you will always be family.

Track Nine: “Heartbreaker”

“Heartbreaker” is an extremely catchy song. We feel that this song is the lyrical definition of the actual word, heartbreaker. Heartbreaker: “a person who is attractive but who is irresponsible in emotional relationships”.

Track Ten: “Crystal Clear”

This is the “island” song of the album. It is a very feel good song, with an good beat throughout it. It makes you just want to take a break from reality for a bit. Our favorite part of the song was the “talking” section at the end, lyrics below:

“See, it’s not about where you are..  it’s about where you go in your mind… so if we just pull together… if we just love each other,… then life is beautiful… come on and take a trip with me, we’re leaving right now.”

Track Eleven: “Cycles”

“Cycles” is about the never-ending cycle of falling in and out of love with someone. It is just a continuous cycle that many people experience, and we are glad that this song made it to the album.

Track Twelve: “Castaway”

“Castaway” is as Brett said in a number of interviews on of his most personal songs on the album. It’s explains how he always feels like he is running away from love, but he knows that he will always be lost without it. We love how this song has an acoustic feel to it, which gives it a very intimate feel for the audience listening to it.

Overall Review of the Album

For our overall review of the album, it is honestly the best album we have heard in a while. You can definitely tell that it is a very personal album for him and can really tell how hard Brett Eldredge worked on this album. You can feel so much raw emotion in his voice in every song on this album and that’s not something you get from a mastered album normally. So, Bravo, Brett, you have just received some fans for life with this album! He is such an amazingly talented artist, and it really showed with this album. I can not wait to see where his career goes in the future, but I know it will be up.

Brett, keep making brutally honest albums like this one, and your career will have no boundaries. It was a very good decision to make this album a self-titled one!

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