Spotlight Artist of the Week: Jasper Charles

OTVN: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What made you want to pursue music? 
Jasper: I was born and raised just south of Birmingham, Alabama, in Alabaster. I grew up playing sports, hunting, fishing and hanging with my friends. I started writing and dabbling with lines and rhymes at around 13 and picked up the guitar around 15/16. I started writing songs about my friends and the craziness we would get into out in the woods, riding around in jeeps, fishing and so on.
OTVN: Did a certain artist or performance influence you to become an artist?
Jasper: There wasn’t one particular artist that made me want to make music, that was just something I fell in love with on the way. But, my first country concert was actually Luke Bryan when I was 15 and I remember telling myself that I wanted to be on that stage one day, looking out at all those people and hearing them sing my songs back to me. 
OTVN: Describe your musical style. 
Jasper: My musical style is based on melody and lyrics. I love writing songs, lyrics, stories and about real life. I stick to my roots with my music and writing. What you see is what you get. Boots, blue jeans, and gravel-voiced Alabama boy with a little edge. I love the woods, water, hunting, fishing, jeep rides through the woods and bonfires. That’s what I grew up doing, it’s where I get my roots and that’s always been reflected back into my music. 
Screenshot 2017-11-14 16.42.49
OTVN: Who are your musical influences? Why?
Jasper: My musical influences are ranged pretty wide, to be honest, but I have a couple I always think about. I look at Eric Church, as someone that inspires me to write the things I want to write about, to be clever with my words and true to myself. I look at Alan Jackson, as someone that kept it country his whole career. He was exactly what he said he was, a country boy. Outside of my music though, my parents and my sister have been the biggest influence. They are the hardest working people I know and the most supportive people in my life. They’re the people that keep me going. 
OTVN: Who are some current artists that you would love to collaborate with? 
Jasper: This is such a hard one! So many! I’d have to say again, Eric Church. I’d love to sit in a room with him and write, or to get the chance to collaborate for an onstage performance. How rock and roll would that be?  
Screenshot 2017-11-14 16.43.13
OTVN: What is your favorite venue that you have performed in? What is a venue that you hope to check off your bucket list?
Jasper: So far, I think getting the opportunity to play the main stage at Zydeco in Birmingham, Alabama, has been the coolest. It’s the same stage that Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Luke Combs, and many more played on when they were on their come up, so that’s always been humbling to me. I would love to play at the Opry, that may be a cliche country singer answer, but to get a chance to stand on that circle, where so many legends have stood to sing, would be unreal. 
OTVN: Has there been a particular moment in your musical career that you are most proud of? 
Jasper: I have a couple of moments that have made me personally proud from certain songs I have written, shows I have played and spin counts on Spotify, but none of those compare to my “pre-show” tradition. My parents pray with me before every single show I play, whether it’s been 5 people or 50 people, and if it becomes 500 to 5,000 people, that’s never going to change. I know that I’ll have that for as long as I’m doing this and that means more to me than the show itself.  


OTVN: Finish this phrase. In 10 years from now, I would like to be…. 
Jasper: I would like to be simply, happy and successful with my life and my career. Whether that’s songwriting or being an artist, as long as I am creating music in some way and coming home to my family at night, we’ll be gravy. 
OTVN: Are you currently working on anything that you would like us to keep a lookout for?
Jasper: I am currently working on writing the last couple of songs for an upcoming EP project and wrapping up some tracks on a few others. I plan to have it done and released sometime before or near the summer of 2018. In the meantime, I have two singles on Spotify and iTunes that people can check out, as well as some of my unreleased songs with videos on my Facebook!
You can follow Jasper on his social media and other websites listed below: 
Instagram: @JasperCharles
Spotify/iTunes: @JasperCharles
Thanks to Jasper Charles for being our Spotlight Artist this week! Make sure to check out his music and social media! Help ‘On The Verge’ support the up-coming artists in Nashville!

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