Old Dominion Just Dropped A New Music Video And It’s Amazing!

We are completely in love with Old Dominion’s new music video for “Be With Me”. It is a song that features girls of every age and every size, which we think makes this video so incredible! The interview segment is such an amazing opener to this music video. You also really get to know some of the girls in the video by letting them add their own voice to the beginning of it. Our favorite is the phrase that starts it all, “the best part about being a girl is…”, and getting to hear an unscripted version from the girls who rocked it!

Below you will hear from two of the girls in the music video, and their experiences and what they took away from the video shoot. Just a heads up, you guys are going to love this!

On The Verge Nashville: Did you know you were going to be in this video, or was it a “set-up” where they led you to believe you were doing something else?

Morgan: We were led to believe that we were auditioning for the music video. Not that we would actually be in it. They had us come in one by one and “audition” which was actually us filming the video. 

Lisa: We were led to believe it was an audition but very early I figured it would play out the way it did. We had time slots in groups of about 10 people. We individually went in and did our interviews and then lip synced the full song. After all of the group was finished they brought us all in and played the video from Matt as shown in the actual video. 

OTVN: How did you get picked to be in the “Be With Me” music video?

Morgan: It was different for everyone. They posted on social media platforms and then they would email you more information. They also knew a lot of the people auditioning and had personally asked them to come. When we walked in they asked us some questions and we didn’t know whose they would use or if they would even use them. So, I had no idea they would include me talking about my brothers. 

Lisa: I applied, but it was simply a “hey, i’m interested”, no picture had to be sent to be viewed. I think it’s because they wanted a diverse group, so they accepted everyone who inquired. Once I sent the message that I was interested and I picked an “audition” time. 

OTVN: What was your favorite part about the process?

Morgan: Old Dominion is the best. They are so good to their fans! I have been to a lot of their shows and they are so much fun! My favorite part was the different takes reinvented. For example, they had me do the song four to five times and each time they gave me a different prop. The hat and the glasses i’m wearing are actually the director’s. I got to use Matt’s microphone and other people had Brad’s guitar. I also used the megaphone and other props, but they didn’t use those takes. It was really cool to see how it all came together. 

Lisa: That everyone was chosen. Also that I didn’t have to look a certain way to be considered. It was a real confidence booster. I am extremely self conscious and this “audition” was the biggest “out of my comfort zone” thing I have probably ever done. I hoped it was good enough because I really wanted to be included in the video, and it was, because Old Dominion are amazing and they know women are amazing too!

OTVN: What did you take away from this experience?

Morgan: I definitely think that this video specifically is a good setup for Old Dominion’s new album, Happy Endings. I think it shows that they are a band to be reckoned with. They are really showing their strength on the new album and expanding their ideas. I think getting fans involved was such a good idea. It honestly made me love them even more (even though I didn’t think that was possible) because they really are listening to what the fans want. They have a good network of people working with them. The film crew and the director, Steve, were super nice and worked to achieve the vision.

It’s not every day you get to be in your favorite bands music video!   



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